ipv6 capabilities

Network Assessment and IPv6 Readiness - Nine Tech Engineering team can assess and report the readiness of IP devices in your agency’s enterprise network and make recommendation on hardware upgrade and technology compliances to ensure that end devices can support IPv6.

Transition Planning - Nine Tech Engineering team provides Engineering and Planning of Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 environment to ensure the availability of your agency’s complex IT infrastructure. 6PE, 6vPE, dual stack, transition methodologies including tunnel brokers.

Addressing Plan - Nine Tech Engineering team can assist your agency in IPv6 address acquisition, develop and engineer IPv6 allocation blocks for routing advertisements, IPv6 node addressing assignments and Centralized address management.

Testing and Evaluation - Nine Tech Engineering team can develop and implement dual stack IPv4/IPv6 architecture in your agency’s lab environment, develop and execute IPv6 test cases with IPv6 research communities and help evaluate IPv6 technology compliance.

Network Engineering Design and Implementation - Nine Tech Engineering team provides expertise in network architecture design, routing protocols, layer 2 and layer 3 VPN technologies, Quality of Service, multicast and network management.  Nine Tech Engineering team can assist in product evaluation, installation, test and activation, operations and maintenance support.

Training - Nine Tech Engineering Learning Practice can assist in developing a customized IPv6 training of the support personnel to meet your agency’s unique IT environment.   

Information Assurance - Nine Tech Security Engineers with work with your IT organization to draft and review Security Assessment Report, Security Policies, Security Plans, and Technical guidance to implement a secure IPv6 deployments.

Benefits and Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis - Nine Tech Engineering team will assist your agency with identifying potential cost and benefits, and perform Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for deploying IPv6.


 ipv6 expertise

Nine Tech Engineering Group has vast experience in designing, testing, and implementing the next generation Internet Protocol version 6. We provide expertise and experience in the roll-out of the IPv6 in following areas:

Agency Readiness Assessment
   - Perform Inventory and Assessment
   - Inventory all existing IP-aware equipment
   - Determine technical impact of transition to IPv6
   - Define technical and programmatic risks
   - Develop a Risk Mitigation Strategy

Provide Impact Analysis
   - Investigate dependencies and interoperability issues
   - Organizational and change management

Develop Transition Plan (including strategy, goals, governance, budgeting)
   - Perform requirements analysis
   - Sequencing plan
   - Policies and enforcement mechanisms

   - Test plan
   - Phased deployment
   - Network maintenance and monitoring procedures

Integrate Transition with Supporting Initiatives
Network Upgrade/Migration Plan
   - Application Modifications/Porting
   - Security (IPSec) Implementation Plan

Transition Management - Nine Tech Engineering team will work with your agency’s transition management office or officer to coordinate transition activities in advance with the change management board.

Network solutions - Nine Tech Engineering team will provide guidance for the planning and technological implementation of IPv6 on network solutions in the core, distribution, edge and enclave networks.  We can also assist in developing alternative IPv6 deployment solutions such that your agency has the ability to select viable alternatives for various operational environment and conditions.

Application Solutions - Nine Tech Engineering team will provide guidance and planning for the technological implementation of IPv6 in your agency’s department’s applications.

Security Solutions - As part of OMB mandate, it is required that agencies will have same security posture for IPv6 as they have for their IPv4 infrastructure. To the effect, Nine Tech Engineering team will work with your agency and the vendors to make sure your agency has same level of security posture when IPv6 will be implemented.

We will also perform testing of all the security devices and assessment of network security elements to support IPv6 before network IPv6 implementation.

Network Management Solutions - Nine Tech Engineering team will provide guidance on network management solutions to augment current network management systems and to help migrate management systems to support dual stack IPv4/IPv6 network and future IPv6 native networks

Test & Evaluation Planning - Nine Tech Engineering team will implement dual stack IPv4/IPv6 in a test lab environment and will test network, security and applications capabilities.

Routing, Addressing, and Domain Name Service (DNS) - Nine Tech Engineering team will provide expert advice on the development and evaluation of an IPv6 routing architecture for department networks.  We can help support the planning, justification, and acquisition of IPv6 address space from ARIN.  We can also provide support in evaluating the best approach to transitioning your agency’s domain name service to support a dual stack environment

As part of the overall transition, we will be involved in training and general guidance about IPv6 to your agency’s users and community. We can participate in your agency’s scheduled IPv6 discussions for the purpose of reporting and contributing to further IPv6 initiative.

Systems Engineering - Nine Tech engineering team will provide expertise in generalized systems engineering processes, methods and tools in the areas of:
   - Life Cycle Analysis
   - Trade-off Analysis
   - Cost Benefit Analysis
   - Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
   - Engineering Economics and Opportunity Cost Analysis
   - Risk Analysis
   - Reliability and Availability Engineering Analysis
   - Entity-Relationship and Object Oriented Analysis