To become the leading business solutions provider in bridging the gap between people, processes and technology.

NineTech Group is formed to be the industry-leading professional services firm focused to deliver life cycle engineering services and a full spectrum of network management, systems/solutions integration and information assurance services.


Mission action

Quality, Cost Reduction, Expert Services, Opportunity

To effectively improve the quality of doing business with Government Agencies we serve, reduce our clients’ costs and provide expert services, while creating opportunity for each of us to excel and grow in a fun and rewarding environment.


Leadership qualified

Delivery, Partnership, Focus

Delivering, as promised

Providing distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business

Partnering, developing and building trust and relationship with our customers

Maintaining highly qualified, motivated, trained and respected associates

Focusing on creating value for those who use our services

Delivering sustained profitable growth for those who invest in our company.


Values ethical

Integrity, Results, Commitment

We insist on functioning with the utmost integrity and highest standards of ethical behavior in all situations.

We commit to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations for quality, responsiveness, professional excellence and value.

We focus on immediate results of our work and look out for the long term profitability of firms we serve.

We value individual initiative to meet challenges with creativity and intelligence.

We strive to constantly push the high technology envelope.

We commit to balancing our personal and professional lives.

We communicate and share information and knowledge with our clients, associates and alliances.

We foster a working environment that encourages objectivity, diversity, professional and financial growth, and entrepreneurial freedom.